Karting Tracks

Karting is a great way to spend the weekend, and it’s a fun way to bond with family and friends. Depending on your level of karting skills, you will find many options available to you. Take a look at some of the best tracks in the UK.

ELK Motorsport Newark

Find their tracks at Drove Lane, Winthrop, Newark, Nottingshire, NG24 2RB.

ELK Motorsport began over two decades ago. David Kirk was rally car driver who also spent time fixing cars and running his several garages. When somebody approached him and asked if he could build ten karts for a circuit, he took up the offer and completed it.

On seeing how well it turned out, he decided to make some karts which he could use on his track. He searched for open spaces and finally landed on a former airstrip. His son, a go-kart racer, took up an interest in the business and they built it from the ground up.

The track is one of the greatest in the UK, and they manufacture karts for use on the roads. They also have leisure karts designed to make you have the time of your life as you do the laps.

They have a briefing room which is an excellent place to learn about safety before you hop into a kart. There are adequate parking and many washrooms in the arena. People can watch you in the spectator section so you can bring your friends along. You also get a lap timing system which is excellent for use to practice for upcoming races.

You can race in the outdoors on their many tracks. They also allow people to host events such as birthdays, corporate outings, team building, stag parties, hen parties and kids’ parties.

They have junior tracks which are ideal for kids. Whatever your tracking needs, ELK will have you covered.

Capital Karts

They have won the indoor track of the year twice in a row as they have the most extended indoor circuit in the UK. Capital Karts are fifteen minutes away from Central London, making them very accessible.

Find them at Unit 1 Rippleside, London, 1G11 ORJ.

They offer 'arrive and drive' sessions, group competitions as well as corporate team building competitions. Their races are suitable for kids aged seven going up.
They use advanced technology to track your time, and in this way, you can tell how good you are. The arena makes you develop a competitive streak as you strive to outdo the others in the circuit. They do this by giving you a chance to be on the leaderboard. Who doesn’t want their achievements to get recognized? Tag a couple of friends along and show them how good you are.

The best word to describe their tracks is grand. Everything from the karts to the facilities will blow your mind away so get set to have the time of your life. They are a mile away from the city center in Birmingham and easy to reach from the West Midlands motorway network.

They host parties such as birthdays, and they offer great tracks for practice. No matter how unskilled you are in the sport, you will find something fun. They have a junior track for kids aged eight to fifteen and many adult tracks.
Go kart and unleash your inner child as you get to let your adrenaline flow.