People love karting, and it is one of the most preferred motorsports in the UK. It offers you the chance to experience the thrill, speed, and competition in a lively environment. Once you get into a kart and feel the thrill, you will always be angling for a chance to do so again. Check out the events where you can get your adrenaline pumping.

Super-heavyweight sprint championship 2018


Racers will pay £185 per race they enter, and they will also pay £48 for registration.


This competition is open to drivers at all levels who are unable to get into higher contests. The race takes place within the Heavyweight Championship and works to promote racers of differing abilities. They go through several stages of practice, qualifying, pre-finals and the final race.

There are limits on the maximum weight, and the whole race consists of twelve rounds. For beginners, you must undertake a test session before gaining admission.

Weight limits

For you to qualify for this competition, you should have a minimum entry weight of 95 kilos and a minimum racing weight of 98 kilos. If you weigh less, you will enter the Heavyweight class. Drivers’ weights will get determined when they are fully dressed for the race, adorning helmets, overalls and any other necessary gear.

There will be random checks on the day to confirm the recorded weights, and if you are found to weigh less than you should, an immediate disqualification will apply.


You will have a buddy driver who will show you the ropes and teach you how to navigate the tracks. It will help you understand the practices better and feel more confident about the races ahead.

You get to do five laps to familiarize yourself with the tracks. After that, a timed session begins to ascertain who the best lap driver is. Winning this timed race will be to your advantage as you will start in the pole position during the Pre-A Final.

You will go through pre-finals before taking part in the finals. If you are uncertain about your abilities, there is a thirty-minute training session to help you out. The top three drivers will receive awards for their achievements which will get posted on the website. There will also be live streaming of the event. It is set to be fun-filled.

The rounds are set to begin on 25th February 2018 and will come to an end on 11th November 2018.

The Quadrant Championship 2018 Class 2

The entry price is £385, and you also get to pay £60 for registration. This race came about two years ago as a way to find a balance between sprint racing and endurance racing. They offer a format of four runs which take twenty-five minutes each.

You can decide to race as an individual or as a team of up to four people. Two classes exist in the race. There is the first class which is for drivers who have been in the racing industry for a while and the second level comprises of new drivers.

There is a minimum weight limit of eighty-five kilos. The reason behind this restriction is to ensure that all the competing drivers are at par and that none has an unfair advantage over the others. As a team, you must work to ensure that all your drivers adhere to this weight. Failure to do so will lead to direct disqualification.

If you are unsure of how to achieve such weights, there are guides to help you out. Both classes have three trophies at the end for the first three drivers.


There are practice sessions for each of the four races. You will get a chance to do five laps per track to get you accustomed to the curves before the final races.

Final race

It will take twenty-five minutes to compete in each competition. There are four races in total. Once a track comes to an end, the drivers remove their plate numbers and hop onto other karts. The previously used karts are re-fuelled and readied for other drivers. The drivers then compete in another race. The organizer will record points of each time per lap and these marks get compiled in the end to come up with a total which decides who gets the awards.

The distribution of karts gets done randomly in each competition. However, there are standards put in place to avoid confusion. One of these ways is to have one team have a given number for the entirety of the competition.

For those unsure of their driving abilities, there is a thirty-minute training session before the competitions begin.

Other amazing events set to happen this year include the Intermediate Endurance Championship 2018 and the Clubman Endurance Championship 2018. They both have twelve rounds in the competition and are a great way to boost your skills on the circuit.