a couch giving karting tips

So You Want To Be A Karting Racer?

The world of karting is amazing and it comes as no surprise that you would wish to get in on the fun. Before you get into the kart and speed off, there are some guidelines which you should know. They not only add to how smooth your ride will be but they ensure that you stay safe on the track.

As a beginner, it is important that you take measures to protect yourself from harm. You may feel anxious about getting into a kart but by the end of this guide, you will feel confident about being in control of the vehicle.

The most important thing while racing is comfort so you should dress comfortably. You don’t want to be squirming in skinny jeans when you should be focusing on controlling your speed and direction. Go for clothes in which you can sit and stretch. Be sure not to wear clothes that are too loose as these can also hamper your movement.

Most people feel comfortable in jeans and t-shirts. For the feet, go for trainers. Do not try your luck with open toe shoes or heels as you will regret the decision. Organizers of such races will not allow you to race in such shoes wither.

As the race starts, you will get overalls and gloves. Because of this, you should dress lightly because temperatures rise in the heat of the race. Get your hair out of the way by pulling it back and wear a helmet for protection. You will also require a balaclava. Leave your jewelry at home as you will probably end up losing it during the race.

Now that you are appropriately dressed, you can head to the track.

Before you start racing, one of the organizers will take you through the necessary safety measures. This kind of racing demands that you focus on what is ahead and it exerts on your body physically in ways that you could not imagine. Warming up prior to the race will help you loosen your muscles and will help you perform better in the race.

Before you buckle up, listen to the instructions on how to sit and where to place your feet. Getting the right posture will help you navigate corners with ease and will protect you from injury. Once seated, you should be capable of reaching the pedals with your legs if you bend them slightly. Reaching the steering wheel should be a breeze if you sit yourself in the right position.

If you find that you have to bend forward to reach the wheel, you are not seated appropriately.

Use the right pedal for acceleration and the left to brake. Never use both at the same time as the results can be injurious to you and others on the track.

The process is quite simple. First off, sit comfortably and ensure that everything is at reach. Press on the accelerator when need be and familiarize yourself with the brake before gaining full speed. Drive smoothly to avoid incidents. You can do this by avoiding sudden brakes and gauging distances between you and other drivers.

With practice, you will be capable of driving around the track at high speeds while staying safe. Practice makes perfect. You won’t become a pro in a day.