karting safety gear

Before you step out on the track, there are a couple of things you need, both for enhanced performance and for speed.

What do you need?

Safety comes first in karting as you never know when you could get involved in a collision and everything falls apart. Drivers are advised not to skimp on quality and the more money spent on safety, the more assured you are that if something goes wrong, you have a high chance of survival. Do not use something too heavy though as discomfort could hamper your efficiency.

There are many styles in the market. You can either wear what the kart manufacturer offers or get something else. The thing that matters most in suits is the comfort.

They should be comfortable so as not to cause blisters. You can have a different pair for each season.

Once again, comfort is paramount. Ensure that you have boots with a good grip to avoid slips and accidents.

Other essential gears include neck braces, rib protectors, wetsuits, knee pads and elbow pads. These things add on to your comfort and safety, and you should not compromise on their quality.

There are lots of devices used in the manufacture, repair, and maintenance of karts. With the growth of the karting industry, many companies have come up to provide drivers with the gear they need. Check out the most trusted equipment providers.


This manufacturer is a one-stop shop for all your karting needs. They provide pro teams such as OTK Racing with karting equipment of all types and uses.


They provide drivers with stickers, axles and accessories, tools, fairings, torsion bars as well as accessories, wheel hubs, gear levels and accessories, fuselli and accessories and steering groups.

They also have mufflers and accessories, chainguards, bumpers, pedals, engine plates, tanks seats and brake systems. They have all the equipment needed to keep a kart in great shape, and it is not a surprise that a leading karting team such as OTK Racing would look to them for supplies.

You can find them at Via dei Soprini, 16, 25080 - Prevalle (BS) – Italy.

They manufacture karts for all uses and ages, and they supply OK1 Karting team with amazing karts which have seen them bag awards in the karting industry.

OK1 is one of the leading karting teams in the UK, and it relies on this manufacturer for high-quality karts.

They are at via Preon 5, Salizzole (VR) 37056, Italy.

They work on the premise that winning is everything and as such, they strive to ensure that their motors get you past the finish line in record time. They work on engines such as IAME X30 and Gazelle and Honda GX160. They provide motors to Ambition Motorsport, a karting team that excels in the industry.

You can find them at Bontoft Kart Engines/ BHP Unit H2A, Dawkins, Road Industrial Estate, Dawkins Road, Hamworthy, Poole, BH15 4JY.

Whatever your equipment needs, these manufacturers have you covered. Trusted by the leading karting teams in the industry, they provide the best quality there is on the market.