Giles’ Racing Line


Exiting the ELK Chicane

Giles, Race Director, gives his tips on how to navigate the fast and demanding 600m ELK circuit.

The A46 Straight

This is a flat out stretch from the grid. As you approach the first corner get to the left.

Lincoln Field High Speed Bend

From the A46 Straight this 180 bend can be taken at high speed (make sure your tyres are warm!). Lincoln Field is a double apex


Catching the racing line out of the high speed Lincoln Field Bend

and should be taken approximately 1m from the inside rumble strip and exited fast and wide.

Newark Hairpin

Brake hard!! This is the tightest corner on the circuit. Turn in late and run out onto the rumble strip and try to keep the engine revs high.

Winthorpe Bend

Another tight 180! Sweep up to the right then pull hard left to get one accelerating single bend.

ELK Chicane

This is a tricky left to right chicane. Hold tight and aim for both apexes followed by a hard acceleration out and past the impressed spectators!

Pit Bend

This is the final high speed accelerating bend into the A46 Straight… 1 lap done!